Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Very First Blog Post!

Greetings! Oh, where to start…. Well, I guess I’ll start with the fact that this is my very first blog post ever! Pretty exciting and overwhelming. A quick background on me…. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance/allergy on October 31st, 2008. Since then, I’ve been joyfully relearning how to cook, eat & live. It’s actually been pretty amazing. Don’t get me wrong there have been many difficult and trying times and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come. However, I feel blessed to know that I’m allergic to gluten. I’ve been struggling and suffering with eczema since I can remember. I was really just ecstatic to actually know what was causing this sever itching and painful skin rash. It really for me was a huge relief. I finally know and can do something about it. My focus for this blog is to share my journey of discovering the gluten free world and how I am getting back to the basics with growing as much food as possible myself. I’ve been gardening for about 5 years now and have learned exponentially more each year. There is something so satisfying to cook a meal from food that you have grown and loved in your garden from just a seed. So, I’d love for you to follow & aid in my journey along the way. There is so much to experience and learn and I can’t wait. I am blessed and can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Any help & advice you can share will be more than welcome. Cheers!!! - Kristi “Your gluten free garden goddess”

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